Thursday, July 2, 2020

Thursday's New York Times crossword puzzle solved: July 2, 2020

My time: 12:11.

Theme: "Emulate Ferris Bueller," or SKIP SCHOOL.  The four themed Across answers must be read with the schools inside them missing in order for the clue to make sense.  So we have:
"Express one's view:" COM[MIT]MENT, or comment.
"Kick off:" STA[YALE]RT, or start.
"Sends:" S[UNC]HIPS, or ships.
"Reacts to an amazing magic trick, say:" GAS P[RICE]S, or gasps.

Harold ROSS was a journalist who founded "The New Yorker" and served as its editor from 1925-1951.

There were some tricky clues today.  "Sounds, e.g." is INLETS.  For "saccharine" I put *SUGARY but it's SYRUPY.   "Let off the hook?" is UNPEG, which I just couldn't see until it was almost there.

"Brings up to speed" is CUES IN.  I don't think anyone says that.

The New York Times crossword often showcases journalists.  Today's is SUSAN Stamberg, of NPR.  I'm not much of a TV or radio listener.

Did you know MAUI has an annual taro festival?  Is that near Mauna KEA?

This was a well-constructed puzzle.  Fun theme, with some quality fill (SALSA BAR, MONA LISA, AGE ONE, etc).  Did I DO GOOD?  Not really.  But the fun is the thing.

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