Monday, December 17, 2018

Monday's New York Times crossword puzzle solved: December 17, 2018

My time: 3:30, a new record by one full second!


You can't say that Brian Thomas and Andrea Carla Michaels don't know jack.  Based on this puzzle, they obviously do --- more than one Jack, even.  And they greet them all, with a hearty, commandeering HIJACKS.  Where are these Jacks?  In the first word of four themed answers:

"Small bird of prey" is SPARROWHAWK, where a fictional pirate is found.  We find an author of canine adventure stories in LONDON BRIDGE, an assassin in RUBY SLIPPERS, and a singing comedian in BLACK FRIDAY.

Well done, every man jack of us all!

A SURREY is a carriage that shares its name with an English county.  I have always been a fan of the wide variety of carriage names there are: landau, phaeton, brougham, fiacre, jinker, stanhope, tilbury, etc.  Aren't those great?

Anyway, I raced through this one, as if on the wheels of a hackney.  Instances of ever-faster times are becoming RARER as I reach my maximum brain power limit, but this shows I am still ABLE to better myself when I RISE to the occasion.

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