Saturday, September 2, 2017

Saturday, September 2, 2017

My time: 29:35.


I did not finish Friday's puzzle.  And I barely finished this one!  It had a lot, a lot, of troublesome moments.

For "Relative of sake" I had *RICE BEIR and wondered why it was so German, albeit misspelled German, because it had the crossfill of "Eat with no enthusiasm" which is PECK AT, while I had the more reasonable (but wrong) *PICK AT.  No one says PECK AT!

I have never heard of Lauren LONDON, but according to Wikipedia her boyfriend is someone named Nipsey Hussle, which is hilarious.

For IRIDESCE I had *EVANESCE.  Both are not great words.  For RESAT I had the better *REMET.

"Room with a Vue" is GARAGE because a Saturn Vue is a no-longer-extant car.  I've never heard of it, but I assumed.

Another car: the Volkwagen SCIROCCO.  Does it drive like the wind?  Hahahaha etc.

I call foul on using THE STONES without the usual qualifier that something (in this case the Rolling Stones) is being referred to familiarly.  Their name is not "The Stones."

"Their heads and feet are usually the same distance from the ground" confused the heck out of me.  I had *BEES for the longest time, even though that's not exactly true of them.  It's BEDS.  Because beds have legs under their feet, ha ha.

The crossfill on BEDS was "Calif. school near the Mexican border" and that is SDSU, not *SESU.  San Diego State University, of course!

I have heard of, and forgotten, "Oprah Winfrey Network show about a family farm" QUEEN SUGAR.  I had *GREEN, *BROWN, and *SUGAR Sugar at various times.

Something I have a hard time remembering how to spell is AQUILA, the Eagle constellation.

The QB who won "the first NFL playoff game to go into sudden-death overtime" is Johnny UNITAS, whose name (but not career) I am familiar with!  What an esoteric bit of trivia.

"Bugged for money" immediately made me think DUNNED, but then I changed it to *BEGGED before changing it back.

Clever clues: "Movie lot?' is CAST.  "Person who came out of the blue?' is EX-COP.  "They might be used in making hops" is not about beer but flights: AIR TAXI.  Ha!  I thought an Air Taxi might be a brand of shoe.  I'm an idiot.  "PR piece?" is PUERTO, not public.  "Removable locks?" is WIG.

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