Thursday, August 31, 2017

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Today's time: 20:41.


I love rebus puzzles!  Words that go with office in the four corners, to make CORNER OFFICEs: BOX, OVAL, POST, and HOME.  People who want to be told in advance that a puzzle will be a rebus are missing the entire point.  The fun is in discovering that something is a bit off.

MAMIE Eisenhower apparently had a recipe for "million-dollar fudge."  And here it is!

ETON was apparently founded by Henry VI in 1440.  Now that's old school!

Everyone knows Caliban, Prospero, and Ariel, and maybe Miranda, but the king in "The Tempest," ALONSO, is a pretty minor character.

"FDR-created program with the slogan 'We Do Our Part'" is the NRA, but not the evil bastard gun nuts.  This one is the National Recovery Administration.

Never heard of them department: (1) PIMA cotton.  (2) Artist LeRoy NEIMAN, who, of course, is famous for murals of sports figures.  No wonder I don't know him!

Clever clues: "Pilot's surroundings" is GAS OVEN.  (I initially had *COCKPIT.)  "Pittance" is RED CENT.

Hey, it's NAS again!

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