Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

My time: 12:01


Fun "spin" theme --- SPIDER-MAN spins webs, SKRILLEX spins records, MINNESOTA FATS spins billiard balls, and PAT SAJAK tells someone else to spin letters.  Put them together and they "could teach" a SPIN CLASS.  Har!

Some good fill in this puzzle, such as NONET, ORE-IDA, HBO NOW, WASABI, KATANA, and I'M SORE.

I got Diego MARADONA by crossfill and vaguely knowing the sounds of his name.  He is "the Golden Boy" who scored both the "Hand of God" goal and "the Goal of the Century."  I've heard of those, but couldn't tell you anything about them.

I was completely lost, even after every letter had been filled, at "silent film opener" IRIS IN.  This is a type of iris shot, in which a black screen opens a circle which expands to show the action.  I am familiar with the iris out used in cartoons, as described in the Wikipedia article:

"In some cartoons and live-action films, iris shots are used as a way to break the fourth wall, usually for comedic purposes or to allow characters to interact with the audience. Examples of this include characters trying to escape through the closing iris, addressing the audience with a one liner before the iris closes, or holding the iris open to try and continue a monologue."

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