Thursday, August 17, 2017

Thursday, August 17, 2017

My time: 15:10!  That's a new world record! I mean personal best!


Another fun theme, this one with groups of four.  The first four I spotted was EYES, giving GLASSES WEARER.  After that, the four TOPS and MOTOWN SINGERS came easily.  It really helped that I have a Master's in Asian history, so knew right away that "faction in China's Cultural Revolution" was GANG OF FOUR.

I tried to spell BORZOI ("Russian wolfhound") as *BORSHOI at first, then realized it didn't fit.

I've never heard of "ESPN broadcaster" Bob LEY and I don't really care, though it is kind of interesting that he is the longest-tenured employee there.

More sports: Walter HAGEN, whom I've sort of heard of?

I like "crack" for ACE, as in "a crack shot."

Haven't we had A-TEAM and TOSSED very recently?

I put *GRE for GED again!

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