Monday, August 21, 2017

Monday, August 21, 2017

Today's time: 07:33.


Last Friday, I failed to solve the puzzle due to one letter error (I now know the difference between CASABA melon and CASSAVA root, as well as what a DIABOLO is).

This was a hilarious, brilliant theme, with mind THE GAP being the joke.  Themes answers can be read two ways: the typical way, or with additional spaces (this latter way being the clued definition).  So URBAN LEGENDS is also be read (and in this case clued: "Feet in the city") as URBAN LEG ENDS?  KINDRED SPIRIT or KIND RED SPIRIT ("friendly Communist ghost")?  And my favorite: "slim monarch who gets around fast," or QUICK THIN KING.

I feel like this is the second time in a couple of days that we've had the "Mexican assent" SI, SI.

TOULON, a harbor city on the French coast, is a major naval base on the Mediterranean. 

"Wave measures" refers to AMPLITUDES, the measure of a signal strength of a wave.  The AM in radio stands for Amplitude Modulation.

Clever clue: "It guards a dribbler" is BIB.

This was a TUN of fun.  The fill was mostly quick 'n' easy, but that theme really made the puzzle shine.  I will happily TOUT Tom McCoy, who crafted this one.

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