Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Tuesday's New York Times crossword puzzle solved: February 12, 2019

My time: 5:48.


Today Tom Pepper takes us on a punning tour of the U.S.  In several themed answers, the abbreviations for a state are read as if they are a separate word.  "Psychedelic stuff from the Evergreen State?" is WA 'SHROOMS.  "Mosquito from the state nicknamed Land of Opportunity?" is AR BITER.  "Gambler's action in the Cornhusker State?" is NE WAGER.  "Highway divider in the Centennial State?" is CO MEDIAN.  And so on.

I love analogies!  "Inning : baseball :: END : curling."  Never heard of it!  A game of curling has eight or ten ends.

Did you know National Hot Dog Month is JULY?  Me neither. Wednesday, July 18 is National Hot Dog Day.  Eat up, kids!

The YSER River runs through West Flanders, in Belgium, and into the North Sea.

Remember, the Calder Cup is the trophy in the AHL, not NHL.

Snow blower maker TORO was clued on November 28, 2017 as a lawn mower brand.

I could have done better on this one.  It's not being familiar with all those pesky state nicknames.  Oh well, SEE IF I CARE.  Time for me to make like a forest animal in the Old Dominion State and VA MOOSE.

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