Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Tuesday's puzzle solved: January 2, 2018

My time: 8:58, about average.


Zhouqin Burnikel refuses to follow the rules, with clues that give pun answers to disobeying orders.  "Disobey a rush order?' is TAKE IT SLOW, which seems too straightforward to really be called a pun.  "Disobey a pecking order?" is STEAL A KISS, which is a not-half-bad pun.  "Disobey a stop order?" is MOVE AHEAD.  "Disobey a standing order?" is HAVE A SEAT --- kinda funny.

The VOLGA is the longest river in Europe, as I myself wrote on September 8 when talking about the Tatars.  The Danube is the second-longest.

I've heard of Fiddy, but I'm not hip enough to know RAP artist 21 Savage.  Frankly he seems like just a thug and ought to be in jail.  But then I'm an old white guy.

A frittata is basically just a crustless quiche, so its main ingredient is EGG.

Never heard of him department: Seiji OZAWA is an award-winning Japanese conductor.

I've been to Vegas, but never heard of the ARIA hotel.  Their website suggests that their best rooms and suites are occupied by beautiful women in skin-tight dresses.

Dwyane Wade, whose name was clearly spelled out by someone who doesn't know how phonemes work, plays for the Cavaliers.  His ROOKIE YEAR was 2003, when he was fifth draft pick.  He was also in the 2008 Olympics US team, the "Redeem Team."

This puzzle says that the Calder Cup org. is the AHL.  I remembered it was about hockey because of its two previous mentions in the puzzle.  On November 23, I wrote that the Calder Memorial Trophy is the NHL Rookie of the Year award.  But I later mixed it up with the Calder Cup, which is the AHL Championship award.  I hope this clears things up.

An OSAKAN comes from Japan's "second city," I guess because Osaka is Japan's second largest metropolis.  It's also known as "the nation's kitchen."

DELTA is the airline whose in-flight magazine is "Sky."  There's a lot of in-flight magazines.

An decent puzzle.  Not much witty about it.  No A-HA moments.  Well, TTYL.

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