Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

My time: 13:49, three minutes faster than my average and nearly twice my record. ugh.

  • Update: I learned from Rex's blog that this grid is an extra-big 16x16, so that makes the whole timing issue higgledy-piggledy.

This puzzle by Damon Gulczynski had me questioning a lot of fill.  The theme was pretty clever: a series of phrases, each one adding ANOTHER DIMENSION ("what a sci-fi portal might lead to"):  THAT'S NOT THE POINT, PICKUP LINE, SNAKES ON A PLANE, and I NEED SPACE.  Zero, one, two, and three dimensional, respectively.

Fun!  But that fill.

For "no longer mint" I has *AS-IS for a stupidly long time.  It is the more prosaic USED, which really threw me off.  Similarly, instead of LOG ON, I had *LOG IN.  For "Shakespeare, informally" I had *BARD but it's WILL (not the too-formal *BILL).

"Old Renault" is LECAR.  Wiki: "It was described as a "French Rabbit" that "is low on style, but high on personality and practicality."

I can't believe the Chaplin on "Game of Thrones" is OONA.  I think of OONA Chaplin as someone who was active in the 1950s.  But this is his granddaughter.  I think I was thinking of his wife Oona O'Neill.

For "narrow inlet" I had *AIT, which as I knew full well is a small island.  It's RIA, which I don't know even half-full well. 

I eat a lot of sushi, including eel, and am even familiar with unagi, but UNADON is not in my wheelhouse.  It looks pretty good though.

For "intro to Chinese?" I had *SINO-.  Instead it's the so last-century and rather un-PC term INDO.

I hate the answer PAREE for "'gay' capital."  I had *PARIS, which messed me up.

I learned SOU in French class when I was a sophomore in high school thirty-hundred years ago, but I'm surprised to see it in a Tuesday puzzle.  Likewise LOESS.

Whew.  I hope this blog post CLEARS everything up.

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