Monday, October 23, 2017

Monday, October 23, 2017

Today's time: 4:46, and that's after having taken some cough syrup with codeine.


Timothy Polin did this puzzle.  The theme is puns about eras, like "period when psychiatrists ruled:" SHRINK AGE, or "period known for its 007 movies:" BOND AGE.  Ha!

I like the word MOUE and I know it, and frankly I don't think I noticed it at all, having filled with with crossfill, but I think some people would gripe over its inclusion in a Monday puzzle.  Their faces will all have a MOUE as they write stern comments on the New York Times puzzle blog.

I didn't really like LAMS for "flees," but yes, it's a verb.

"Classic clown with a repetitive name" is BOBO.  This refers to Bobo Barnett, a member of the International Clown Hall of Fame.  You know, I always thought of Bobo as a monkey's name.

"Painting surface" is GESSO.  That's tricky because gesso isn't really thought of as a surface (though you do paint on it) so much as a sort of primer.  Per Wikipedia: "Mixing and applying it is an art form in itself since it is usually applied in 10 or more extremely thin layers."

That's all.  I'll PEON my way now.

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