Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Today's time: 7:43.  Forty seconds slower than my record.


Another commendably clever theme, this one with phrases that have musicals at the beginning and ends of their runs, such that the middle letters are the break, or INTERMISSION.  For example, HAWAIIAN AIR, for "hair," and WISECRACKED for "Wicked."

I have never heard of "Enrique Peña NIETO, Mexican president beginning in 2012."  I should kep up on my North American heads of state!  Also, according to the Wikipedia article, he is much more unpopular than Donald Trump, which is amazing.  (Mnemonic for the last three Mexican presidents: the Fox is in the Cauldron?  Neato!)

"Hi, I'm EVAN Rachel Wood, and you may have seen me in The Wrestler and then forgotten about my existence."

Another thing I don't know much about is fashion, and designer RUDI Gernreich is no exception.  I see from his article that he enjoyed designing clothes for women that showed off their boobs.

Clifford ODETS, of whom I was only barely aware, wrote many plays, including the clue "Golden Boy" which is unknown to me, but I am a fan of his movie screenplay Sweet Smell of Success.

I may have heard the name of Midori ITO before, but that's it.  I shall endeavor to remember that she was the first woman to land a triple-triple jump combination and a triple axel in competition.

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