Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

All in all, I did this one pretty quickly.  My time: 7:22.  (My Tuesday record is 7:03 --- if I'd known how close I was, I would have tried to do this faster.)

A cute Tuesday puzzle with number themes.

I blanked on SARAH Huckabee Sanders, but I don't feel bad at all.  Hopefully she will soon be known only as a bemused footnote in the most esoteric books on incompetence and corruption in American politics.

The clue "4/4" made me think of musical time immediately, but I don't know much about that field at all.  I thought 4/4 was waltz time.  I didn't know the expression COMMON TIME.

I have some kind of problem where my brain refuses to understand things like spatial direction, maps, and compass points, so things like "Indianapolis-to-Cleveland dir." I always leave till later.  ENE, eh?  If you say so.

"Division of baseball's N.L. or A.L."  CENTRAL.  If you say so.  Apparently there's six divisions in baseball.  National League east, central, and west, and same for American League.  I had no idea.

I wanted "50/50" to be *EQUAL SPLIT, but it turned out to be less dynamic EVEN STEVEN.

MELT for "start running" is clever.

A PATENT is what "lasts 20 years."  (Generally speaking, of course.)  Good to know!

"Analogy words" can be *AS TO or IS TO, but since there's no *Q-TAP...

MOUNT OF OLIVES is something I've heard of, vaguely, but isn't in my mental database as having any characteristics.  It's a place in the Bible where some events in the life of Jesus took place, and also the place from which he ascended to heaven.  He also wept over Jerusalem there, and it is the place where David went when he fled, sobbing, from Absalom.  Lots of Biblical crying at the Mount of Olives.

I have never heard of OMAR Vizquel.  Shocking, I know, considering I also didn't know how Major League Baseball is divided.

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