Monday, August 7, 2017

Monday, August 7, 2017

My time: 6:21.  (My record is 5:40.)


A pretty easy themeless puzzle.  I had a little trouble with the south, especially the southeast.

I'm sure I've heard the word before, but MOTET ("sacred choral work") did not come easily to me.  According to Wikipedia, the etymology of the word is disputed, but I like the idea of the French "little word."

For "a lot of them can be found on a lot," I had *AUDIS until TAN ("something that might be picked up at the beach") revealed it was the more generic AUTOS.

The terms IONIC, Doric, and Corinthian have been drilled into me, but I don't know the difference between them.  Apparently Ionic columns are thinner and fluted, with volutes (scrolls) at the cap.

Although I know the words, AGORA and LENTO came slowly (ha!) to me, requiring crossfill.

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