Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Wednesday's New York Times crossword puzzle solved: November 21, 2018

My time: 9:13.


Brandon Koppy has us wondering where he stands with this puzzle and all its FLIP-FLOPS.  Nine themed clues are two-part phrases or words that can be switched to become other phrases.

For example, "half of a 1990s cartoon duo" is Butt-head, but it's in the puzzle flipped, appearing as HEADBUTT.  "Noted Vegas entertainers of the 1960s" is the Rat Pack, but is entered in the puzzle as PACKRAT.  "Neanderthal" becomes MAN CAVE.  "Informal term for a brothel" is entered as HOUSE CAT.  And so forth.

The only one I didn't like was GLASS EYE for "Mr. Peanut accessory."  An eyeglass?  Who says that?  It's a monocle, innit?

In the fill, there's some new and seldom-seen stuff, like FORTNITE, ANTIFA, APPLE PAY, NEKO Case, and Emanuel RAHM.

Mel OTT comes up a lot in this puzzle.  Today he's clued as "six-time NL home run leader in the 1920s and '40s."

Tom yum soup is a THAI dish, a hot and sour soup made with lemongrass, chiles, and coconut.

I know an island named TIMOR exists, but due to my nonexistent geography-fu, I didn't get it from the clue "island north of Australia."

Know your Hebrew months!  KISLEV is the ninth month of the Hebrew calendar.

"POD Save America" is a political podcast I have vaguely heard of.

Novelist ANYA Seton came up on July 31.

Clever clues: "Dogs that take you for a walk?" is FEET.  "Tube travelers?" is OVA.  "Mom-and-pop grps." is PTAS. "Night lights?" is AURORA.  "Special interest group?" is THE FED.

This is a terrific puzzle, very clever and well-executed. I liked the ENTIRE thing.

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