Monday, June 25, 2018

Monday's New York Times crossword puzzle solved: June 25, 2018

My time: 3:49, just a few steps behind my record.


Kathy Wienberg has shopping on the brain with this easy-peasy Monday.  It's one of those themes that is really more of a "what do these apparently unrelated answers have in common" puzzler.  TEA GARDEN, SHOPPING LIST, GOLF TOURNAMENTS, and APPLE STRUDEL all... (Kreskin blows open envelope, reads) are phrases with a first word that connect to the word cart.

A tea cart, as my wife informed me, is something that you roll pastries around on.

The capper is online message ADD TO CART, which... sort of answers the question?  It doesn't really explain the rest of the phrases, though.  Oh well.

In bridge, a FINESSE is a play in which a player attempts to win either the current trick or a later trick with a card of the suit he leads notwithstanding that the opponents hold a higher card in the suit; the attempt is based on the assumption that the higher card is held by a particular opponent.  This explanation, and the entire Wikipedia article it is from, may as well by Greek to me.  Sometimes this is a problem with Wikipedia.  The articles are written by enthusiasts, who by nature don't know how to talk to beginners.

I have heard of CAPRI PANTS, but I don't think I've heard them described as clamdiggers.  Maybe in old fiction.  Some people think they are different.

Sporty Pontiac GTOS come up a lot.

Clever clues: "Acquire a winter coat?" is ICE UP.  "Speed reader?" is RADAR.

I had almost no trouble with this one.  Am I PROUD?  No, because it's Monday.

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