Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Tuesday's New York Times puzzle solved: May 8, 2018

My time: 4:41, a new Tuesday record!


Ori Brian shows us how to START A FIRE with this puzzle.  The first words of the themed answers start a phrase or compound word ending in "fire."  The first themed answer I got was Slippery When Wet band BON JOVI for bonfire.  Then SURE, WHY NOT (sure-fire); CROSS-COUNTRY (crossfire); and BACK TO SCHOOL (backfire) all fell into place.

"Patriotic finger-pointer" is a good clue for UNCLE SAM.

Do people put TABASCO in a Bloody Mary?  I thought it was Worcestershire.

For "tortilla sandwich" I put *PITA (not accurate), then *TACO (would have been a good answer), and then finally the correct WRAP.

On January 14 I learned that the Rose Bowl is in Pasadena, California.  Today I learn that UCLA is the school that plays there.

"And we'll tak' A CUP o' kindness yet... Fur... Auuullld... Laaaannnggg.... Syyynnne!"  Sing it!

Speaking of Scotland, we all know the Firth of Forth, but did you know there's a Firth of TAYWater is all right in Tay, for fish and things that live in rivers.  Interestingly, there is also a Firth of TAY in Antarctica.

ARCO is a brand of gas stations found on the West Coast, as well as Asia and Mexico.  Originally the Atlantic Richfield Company, it is known for its low-priced gasoline compared to other national brands, mainly due to an early 1980s decision to emphasize cost cutting (cash/debit-only policy) and alternative sources of income, such as food stores.

The author C.S. Forester, the least famous writer named C.S., was actually named CECIL Louis Troughton Smith.

"Today" host HODA Kotb appeared on October 20, 2017.

And that's it!  I didn't bring my B GAME this time.  I took care of all the FILL in rapid time, SOLO.  NO LIE!

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