Monday, April 30, 2018

Monday's New York Times puzzle solved: April 30, 2018

My time: 6:21, average.


Bruce Haight brings out some fresh underwear puns with today's puzzle.  "Underwear for judges" is of course LEGAL BRIEFS, "underwear for Frisbee enthusiasts" is DISC JOCKEYS, "underwear for beginners" is AMATEUR BOXERS, "underwear for actors" is MOVIE SHORTS, and "underwear for tycoons" is CASH DRAWERS.

Unlike some wordplay crammed into a puzzle (I know it's not easy), these are all legitimately funny bits of wordplay.  I solved with a smile on my face.

Until I got to that damn middle left section, which I just couldn't get my head around.  It added at least one minute thirty to my time.  Although there were no unknowns there, I just couldn't make anything fit.  Mostly because for "any living thing" I insisted on putting the stupid *ORGANICS and not ORGANISM.

Anyhoo.  Underwear!  And more.

I know who ARIANA Grande is, but couldn't name any of her songs.  Apparently she released the albums Yours Truly and My Everything, both of which went to #1.

Another singer of note is TEENA Marie, whose biggest hit was "Lovergirl" in 1985.  Not my thing.  Her nickname is the Ivory Queen of Soul.

Did you know ANTWERP is a global diamond powerhouse?  According to the Antwerp World Diamond Centre, "Antwerp and diamonds are inseparable. Antwerp has been the capital of the world diamond trade for more than five centuries and is widely recognized as the leader in the industry today, in more ways than one."  Also the site of a 2003 diamond heist to the tune of $100 million.

"Relating to a part of the pelvis" is ILIAC, from ilium, the uppermost part of the hip bone.

I'm not familiar with the language of sports.  A victory in an away game is a ROAD WIN, apparently.

Also, I'm only vaguely familiar with ARA Parseghian, who played football for the Cleveland Browns and then coached at Notre Dame, turning them from perennial losers into a winning team.  He racked up the third-most wins of a coach in any school's history.  1964-1974 was known at Notre Dame as "the Era of Ara."

ST. L for "Cardinals, on scoreboards" appeared on April 5.

Actor Milo O'SHEA debuted January 8.

SAY, that's a lot of newish and/or trouble spots for a Monday!  HUMPH.  But WHOA, I finally did it!  YES.  AAH.

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