Monday, April 9, 2018

Monday's New York Times puzzle solved: April 9, 2018

My time: 4:31.


Today, Erik Agard presents a puzzle whose elementary theme is ours to discover.  Playing off of the chemical symbol for silver, Ag, he clues three A.G. actors, ALEC GUINESS, ANDY GARCIA, and AVA GARDNER, appropriately stars of the SILVER SCREEN.

I've seen ULTA stores, but needed crossfill to put it in for "big name in beauty supplies."

I had a little bit of trouble spelling NIGIRI, which is sushi on rice (as opposed to sashimi).

Never heard of it department: DREXEL University, a research university in Philadelphia founded by Anthony Drexel, a banker and philanthropist who worked with J.P. Morgan.

Also, since I'm past 40 and therefore utterly useless, I've never heard of this crazy dance the kids are/were doing, SWAG SURF.  Apparently inspired by a song, "Swag Surfin'," by Fast Life Yungstaz?  Sigh.  Buzzfeed is such trash.

The clue "Letters on a beach bottle" and its answer SPF appeared verbatim on March 29.

Clever clue: "Here's the kicker!" is FOOT.

This was an easy one, a welcome respite from crushingly tricky Sunday.  Finishing this in under five minutes was a much NICER feeling.

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