Friday, April 13, 2018

Friday's New York Times puzzle solved: April 13, 2018

My time: 13:50.


Joe Krozel constructed this flywheel-shaped puzzle (sorry, to me, these always evoke swastikas, but I know that can't be helped).  It's a fun themeless Friday.

There's some really quality fill here.  Not crazy-long answers like last week's, but interesting words and phrases.  CRANIA ("images on a timeline of human evolution, maybe"), HAVE A SIP, UMLAUT ("high points?" --- clever!),  HARANGUE, WEASELED, MPEG FILE, DIVE BAR, DENATURE, BOREAL, MESS TENT, etc.  A nice amount of unusual words with sly clues.  No short entries at all in this puzzle!

I've heard of one of these acting QUINNS: Anthony, but not Aidan.  He has a familiar face.  He was in Michael Collins.

Totally new to me is the SEA RAVEN, "spiny fish named after a bird."  It is a bony fish in the same order as the lionfish.

Apparently ANGOLA joined OPEC in 2007.  It's the second-largest oil producer in Africa, after Nigeria, also an OPEC member.

"Blue cheese and black coffee, typically" are ACQUIRED / TASTES.  I guess that's fair, though it's very America-centric.  I was thinking they were European treats.

I'm not up on my car models.  Dodge has SUVs called DURANGOS.  The king of SUVs!  At least that's what their tagline says.

"Prefix with -gram" is PENTA-.  It means five, of course, as in pentagon.  A pentagram is a five-pointed star, a pentangle, a star polygon.  It's not one fifth of a gram!

"Like many coats with liners" is ZIPPERED.  Hmmm.  I guess.

I wanted to put *HANGABLE for "serious, as an offense," but it's JAILABLE.

I recognized Rigel as a star and assumed Spica was one as well.  It is --- the brightest star in Virgo --- and they are both classified as B-STARS.  Except they seem to be actually called B-type or B-class.  They are luminous and blue.  The term F-star appeared September 27, 2017, to refer to an F-class supergiant, like Polaris.

Paso ROBLES appeared November 4, 2017, but I didn't recall that while doing today's.

Clever clue: "One talking a blue streak?" is CUSSER.

And I'm... DRUM ROLL... outta here.


  1. We were dazzled by the big empty grid, thought the content was fun, and that it was... super easy! It was our fastest Friday to date, for sure. Of course, it could be that we're brilliant.

  2. It's gotta be the brilliance.


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