Monday, November 13, 2017

Monday, November 13, 2017

My time: 6:40.


What the heck, Peter A. Collins?!  This is difficult stuff for a Monday!  Even knowing the quote in full by heart (WHAT WE'VE GOT / HERE IS FAILURE TO / COMMUNICATE, from COOL HAND LUKE), I recorded a crap time for a Monday.

The Naked MAJA (originally, La maja desnuda) is an 1800 oil painting by Francisco Goya.  A maja, I just now learned, is a term for a member of the lower classes in Spanish society, knwon for their elaborate dress and "cheeky behavior."

For "have the wheel" I put *DRIVE; it's STEER.

I had a hard time remembering the name of DAPHNE DuMarnier, author of Rebecca, and needed a good bit of crossfill.

I may have heard of TRU TV but since I don't even watch network TV, it's not something I know about or remember.  Looks like a bunch of dumb unscripted shows.  Street pranksters?!  Sign me up!

OTOE was last seen, as far as I recall, in the August 13 puzzle.

And camera type SLR reappears, last seen October 29.

I think "Fall bloomer" is a pretty vague clue for ASTER.  However, I can't say getting more specific would have helped me personally.

Olympic hurdler EDWIN Moses is not someone who springs to mind readily.  Ha ha!  Springs!

Pulitzer-prize winning author James AGEE (not to be confused with award-winning picture book author Jon Agee) wrote A Death in the Family, which won the Pulitzer.  Interestingly, it was adapted by another author into a play, "All the Way Home," which also won a Pulitzer prize.

Compromising Positions was written by Susan ISAACS, an author of whom I know nothing.

MITA was a "document imaging company" that has since been swallowed up by Japanese ceramics and electronics company Kyocera, and is way too obscure for a Monday.

Clever clue: "One poked through the eye?" is LACE.

That was a lot MOE hard than I expected.   I feel like a DORIC for not doing better.

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