Monday, October 9, 2017

Monday, October 9, 2017

My time: 6:10, which is mighty slow, but I wasn't hurrying.


This puzzle by Joe Deeney had a calendar theme: EIGHT DAYS A WEEK, LAST WEEK TONIGHT, A MONTH OF SUNDAYS --- which I discovered, read and enjoyed on my own in my freshman year of college --- and of course the capper, what would be necessary for these to happen: CALENDAR REFORM.  Or would it?  "A month of Sundays" just means 30 weeks; it's not an impossibility like the others.

I've heard of ROD CAREW!  I didn't know he was in the "3,000-hit club."  He has 3,053.

What I've never heard of is REVERSI.  You may know it as Othello.  I don't.

AMIE is a crossword mainstay.

A classic Pontiac is a GTO.   Wiki?
The name... was inspired by the Ferrari 250 GTO, the successful race car. It is an Italian abbreviation for Gran Turismo Omologato, which means officially certified for racing in the grand tourer class. The Pontiac GTO was never a "Grand Tourer" certified race car though. Internally, it was initially called the "Grand Tempest Option," one of many autos in the Pontiac line up with a 'Grand' in it.
I knew a sports item!  The Beavers are OSU, which I attended!  Initially I had *ORE because I don't know how sports nomenclature works.

I hesitated on filling out STATIST even though that appeared to be the answer early on, because it doesn't sound like a "believer in a strong federal government."  It sounds to this American's ears like a states' rights believer. But of course it means state as in the State.

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