Monday, October 16, 2017

Monday, October 16, 2017

My time: 5:23.


Jennifer Nutt gives us a fun theme to start with the week, with a series of longer entries that appear unrelated until you get to "creature found 'swimming' in" those clues: ORCA.  Found in LIQUOR CABINET, PARLOR CAR, RADIATOR CAP, and WINDSOR CASTLE.  The orca is also always cut in half; perhaps that would have made too gory a clue.

For "big wind" I had *GUST, but it was GALE so that slowed me down.  Also I put *LIE for what turned out to be FIB.

"Like a five-star Yelp review" just doesn't seem like the best clue for IDEAL.

I have never heard of the "long-running PBS film series" P.O.V. It looks like a fascinating documentary series.

BLAT for "trombone honk" gave me a bit of pause as well, but it's a fair clue.

Did you know there were penguin and T. rex TOKENs in the new Monopoly set? There's also a rubber ducky.  Too many birds!

And that's it for Monday at Ye OLDE Crossword Blogge.

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