Monday, September 25, 2017

Monday, September 25, 2017

Today's time: 6:07


I know that these times, registered on my phone as I tap in answers, are probably a bit longer than if I were writing with pencil and paper.  For one thing I wouldn't accidentally write things like *BULL MOOSR and not notice, thus ending up spending a precious extra minute searching for the typo.  But the online format also sometimes helps, as when it points out I have an error, which in paper would be a big DNF.  So it's probably a wash.

Today's grid, by Bruce Haight, featured the theme of rhyming phrases, crossed in their middles: HANDY DANDY, HOITY-TOITY, HOTSY-TOTSY (this appeared recently, but I didn't note when), NAMBY-PAMBY, etc.

"California's old Fort ORD" is now a national monument (thanks, Obama!) that is home to several endangered species.

Hey, for once "Arizona tribe" is HOPI, not Ute!

Fun puzzle.


  1. Why, you're doing a new blog thing!

  2. I am! I feel like it's a good way of helping remember what I may learn (little) and of keeping my rapidly-dwindling mental acumen keen.


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