Friday, September 29, 2017

Friday, September 29, 2017

My time: 16:57, close but no cigar.


I enjoyed this themeless by Damon Gulczynski.  I got the long fills --- PABLO NERUDA, GENDER BINARY, GIVE ME A RING, and JOLLY RANCHER, OVER THE HUMP, etc. --- pretty easily.

Is a zinger really a MOT?  Doesn't it have to be a bon mot?

SET SHOT is not a term I'm familiar with.

I also learned that POI (mashed taro root) can be eaten fresh or after it has fermented a bit.

RELO ("type of property, in real-estate lingo") is a term of art that no one else needs.

It's clever to note that TRES is a French word and also a different Spanish word.

I eat a lot of sushi, but I don't drink beer, so ASAHI (a beer company) is not something I know about.

Judith HOAG, yet another actress I don't know from a TV series I don't watch.

Raqqa is a city in SYRIA that has been devastated by civil war and airstrikes from the USA and other countries.

Clever clues: "Puny arms?" is BB GUNS; "appropriate game" is POACH (as a teacher, I kept thinking of a game appropriate for kids); "mushroom producers" is not *SPORES but A-BOMBS.

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